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Mon to Sun, Public Holidays


Irregular Day Off (will be announced on Facebook/IG)

1/F, 1 Sun St, WanChai, HK


How to find us 前往方法

5-8 mins walk from MTR Admiralty Station Exit F


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Tel: 852-5102 8695


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~ 貓x 工作空間 ~
Workspace with Cats



The sad little story of our furry friends is taking place every day in this prosperous city we call home. The scene of such story can take place in remote rural area, vehicle scrapyard, busy roads or under the vibrant street lights of a city that never sleeps. No matter where it takes place, the story always end with tears.


As animal lovers, we exhaust all our means helplessly trying to change the plot of such sad stories by sharing the animal rescue posts on social media, donating materials to support animal volunteers or even adopting stray animals. As the visual image of heart breaking scene of animals suffering reach us day after day, we can’t help but wonder if we have done enough.


We are a group of people sharing similar thoughts, a group of people trying to step a little bit forward to see what change we could bring. The idea of a co-working space combined with a platform to foster stray cats when they are waiting permanent homes has bred. It would be a great place for people to interact with our furry friends, to know more about their stories.


We hope to be the bridge of beautiful encounters where a guy who came to read got touched physically and emotionally by the little cheeks of a furry kid or when another furry friend rubbing the feet of our visitor setting ripples to the silent world of the busy human.


We know it’s easier said than done. When we pursue our dreams of such beautiful encounters, we gotta try making a little profit to sustain the operation. A good cause itself could not survive in a commercial city like Hong Kong. Only when we sustain the operation would we continue painting the home going road map of our furry friends.


We are not like any other ordinary co-working space. Instead of a co working space, we’d rather see it as a home with cats where you can take a break, to rest, to chill or to study/work. We hope when you leave, you would feel it’s amazing to have a home with cat companion.


852-5102 8695

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